It's official! Winter is upon us and it's time to get our blog up and running. We will be updating this on a regular basis answering questions, posting photos, and sharing general news about Girodisc. Let's start by answering the question we get asked most....

What is all the hype about 2-piece rotors?

Curved Vanes: Most of our two piece rotors have curved vanes. What are those? In between the rotor faces there are a bunch of small columns. As the rotor spins, air washes through them and they cool the rotor. Pillar vanes are what are commonly found on your factory rotors. These can only cool the rotor with whatever air gets into the wheel well and passes through it. Curved vane rotors are directional, so there is a left and right casting. The vanes are designed to create a pressure drop inside of the rotor as it spins by forcing air out using centrifugal force. The faster the rotor spins the more air is force though its vanes for over 40% improvement in cooling.


Weight savings: Our 2-piece rotors can help save an enormous amount of weight from your vehicle. Typically, the more "unsprung" weight (or weight not supported by the vehicles springs) you can eliminate, the better your vehicle will handle.

Floating design: Our 2-piece construction not only allows the rotor to be significantly lighter, but is also allows us to make it a fully floating piece. A 1-piece rotor and even 2-piece bolted rotor are fixed to each other with no allowable movement. As the rotor heats up the iron will expand. The ring will actually grow slightly larger in diameter. The hat will also grow as the rotor heats up. This leads to time the rotor will weaken ultimately leading to cracking and warping. We use a special drive pin and spring clip assembly with an elongated hole in the ring so the hat and the rotor can expand and contract freely and un-opposed to one another. This allows you to run the rotor through countless heat cycles without having to worry about warping or cracking.

Cost Savings: Although the initial cost of 2-piece rotors is more expensive, these rotors last considerably longer then a 1-piece grey iron rotor. On the track where people are getting 2-3 track days on standard rotors, they are getting 1-2 seasons on our 2-piece version. On the street we have had customers get up to 60k miles before needing a new replacement ring. The beauty of our design is, when it comes time your rotors are warn out, you only need to replace the rotor ring instead of the whole assembly. We offer a service FREE of charge to reassemble your rotors with all new hardware, you only pay the cost of the rings and shipping back to you.

So that about covers it. If you want a rotor that can withstand heavy repeated track abuse that uses the same technology as dedicated track stars like Porsche GT3 Cup, Ferrari Challenge, Lotus Elise Cup etc... then these are your ticket.

Stay tuned for more to come from Girodisc!