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Pentosin Super DOT 4

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Part Number: BF-DOT4-1000
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Pentosin DOT 4 brake fluid has a higher boiling point and inhibits corrosion. It's ideal for under floor master cylinders. After putting the best brake system on your car, don't skimp on the brake fluid. You get what you pay for and this product is the best.

Pentosin DOT 4 also has some approvals and its low viscosity formula matches the ABS required specifications for some top car makers.

Quality level...
FMVSS No. 116
ISO 4925 Class 4
SAE J1704

MAN TUC 6518/07
Audi/VW TL 766Y0
Mercedes-Benz 331.0

-40deg viscosity: 900-1100mm/s
wet boiling point (measured in used brake fluid): > 170degC
Water content: <0.2%